Balgowlah Bowling Club


Officially opened on June 2nd 1956 by his excellency Lieutenant General Sir John Northcott (Governor of NSW), the Balgowlah Bowling Club is a proud not-for-profit club servicing the North Shore community.  Over the years, the club has been integral to keeping the traditions associated with Bowls alive and more recently has committed to opening its doors to the families and community of the North Shore.

 In 2019, we made a decision to make the club more about community and became ‘Balgowlah Bowling and Community Club’. This means although we still hold true to our values, we want the community to enjoy a more modern approach to the sport as well as enjoy good food, events, drinks and other activities all with great views.

So feel free to walk down to your local community club and say hi!  

Your support is what will keep this historic Balgowlah Heights community club open.