Thankyou to all our members for your patience and wanting to remain apart of our community during these tough times.

We are extremly pleased to announce that we are back and opening our club doors once again from Friday 3rd July 2020 at 4:30pm.

Number intake will be limited and bookings will be a must.

We look forward to seeing you back here!!

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Attention all Balgowlah Heights and surrounding suburbs residents!

Have you ever thought how good it would be to have a local club on your doorstep with a friendly bar, good food and a safe place for the kids to play?  How about all of that with some beautiful views thrown in only a short walk away?

Well we have all of that at the Balgowlah Bowling and Community Club on Bareena Drive!  We may have kept a bit of a low profile in the past and, if we are honest, we might have been a bit pigeon-holed as a place for serious bowls players only.  That is certainly not the case now! 

The club would like to be seen as a Community Club where some of its members enjoy a game of bowls rather than a bowling club that sometimes accepts non-bowling visitors.  To that end, we want to throw open our doors to our local community and offer a welcoming and comfortable space for neighbours to socialise while the kids can play safely either outside on the dedicated green or inside in our TV and games room.

However, we can’t do this on our own.  The club is a not for profit organisation which is solely funded by its members and, while we are keen to make changes and expand the club membership and facilities, all of this needs to be funded.

For this reason, we have now launched a new family membership scheme which will work as follows:

  • Family membership fee of $100 per annum with proceeds going to upgrade our bar menu, kids’ facilities and bar staff costs.
  • The club will be open every Friday and Saturday evening to all and will have catering available on site.
  • Selected events throughout the year for State of Origin, Bledisloe Cup, etc.  There is even talk of some larger events around Boxing Day!

We do need to stress that we can only make this happen with your support and we need at least 100 families to sign up and pay the membership fee to make this viable.  As such please spread the message far and wide among your network!

Please either sign up here or come along and ask our friendly staff for a family membership form.

Sean Semler, Paul Terry

Balgowlah Bowling and Community Club

Tel: 02 9948 6377

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The NSW State Government has announced further easing of restrictions commencing today, 13 June

2020. These changes have now been legislated.

Please note the following conditions:

  • No more than 20 persons are allowed per green (excluding any club staff or officials e.g. markers, umpires, coaches etc.)
  • Social Distancing of 1.5m per person must be strictly adhered to
  • Personal and Equipment hygiene protocols are in place
  • A record of attendees at all sessions of activity must be kept for a period, of at least, 4 weeks and given to Health or Government officials, if required.
  • Clubs must have a COVID-19 safety plan in place
  • WBNSW & BNSW continue to strongly recommend that in order to comply with restrictions that no more than 4 persons per rink participate at any one time.

WBNSW & BNSW further advise under NSW State Government guidelines from today, 13 June 2020, Lawn Bowls has been granted permission to participate in organised matches this includes social & competition matches.

NOTE: licensed clubs have their own set of restrictions, under Public Health Orders, that apply to the capacity of persons allowed internally within the club house and it may be the case that some clubs may not have the capacity to cater for bowlers prior to and/or after any organised matches.

If you have any general enquiries, please contact:

Women’s Bowls NSW on 02 9267 7155 or

Bowls NSW (David Ellis – Head of Sport & Operations) on 0450 956 485 or

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Sorry that we have been a bit quiet lately but, like everyone else, we have been finding new ways to live, work and play.

To all the groups who use our club, please let us know if you need any help from us, having, forefront in your minds the constantly changing directives from the governing authorities, as to how you continue to run, or not, your groups. This could be a different time slot or a different day, using the main hall to allow better social spacing, use our bottom green for a larger, outside space. We want as many of you to continue with us in whatever shape or form this needs to be to make it safe for everyone and satisfy the government health requirements. Happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

To our community members we have spent the last two weeks going over all parts of our club with a fine-tooth comb to see how we can reduce our costs and ensure that we will come back bigger and brighter when we all get past the current dramas – which we all will!!!

Many thanks to our various suppliers who have helped us out by reducing their charges to the club. In particular a huge thank you to our greenkeepers for going the extra mile for us and who now have a bit of time on their hands. Please contact them to have your lawn mowed. You get a great looking lawn AND support your club: call Paul on 0411 403 363 or Harry on 0452 451 478.

For those personal trainers among you who can’t work out of those large gym spaces at present and need a smaller place for one-on-one sessions – we have that so let us know what you need on 9948 6377.

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Balgowlah Bowling & Community Club regret to inform our patrons that the following events have been

  • Bridge Club
  • The FIG
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll (this Monday only at this stage will reassess each week)
  • Bill Burridge
Postponed until 24th October 2020
Pilates will be going ahead

We will be releasing a statement in regards to all other operations of the club later today.

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“WELCOME” to Mark Griffiths and his team from RAY WHITE SEAFORTH on becoming the new Major Sponsor of BALGOWLAH BOWLING & COMMUNITY CLUB
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These notes are intended to promote the acts of sociability that can contribute to the enjoyment of the game of bowls by those who play the sport.

Etiquette is conventional decorum. It is those little acts that help to make our game such a wonderful creation of sociability and friendship. Etiquette is not an explanation of the duties of the various players in the team, but it is those little extras that give the Royal ancient and agreeable pastime its great charm, that makes the loser feel he has not lost in vain, that lead one to believe there is even a sweetness in defeat.

J.P Munro B.A – a Noted historian of bowls

Conventional good manners relate to sociability and friendship rather that to duties and rules of the game. Etiquette is relevant to attire, nice customs and general behaviour.

Nice Customs

The following notes refer to applied good manners in respect of behaviour both on and off the rink and in play.

  • Be punctual of start times
  • Be polite and friendly to your opponents
  • Where appropriate introduce players to each other at the start of play.
  • Respect the laws of the game.
  • Do nothing to distract the bowler on the mat.
  • Do not move at either end of the rink where it may distract the player on the mat.
  • Stay clear of the green or at least a metre behind the mat or the longest live bowl.
  • Watch your bowl until it stops and learn from the shot.
  • Concentrate on the game and the state of play.
Mobile phones

Are a distraction to fellow bowlers. As a matter of courtesy, mobile phones must be on silent mode at all time and not used in the vicinity of the Bowling Rinks.

In play

  • Leads should place the mat as quickly as possible.
  • Offer your opponent the jack or bowl as appropriate.
  • Do not cross into adjoining rinks after delivery of your bowl.
  • Stay towards the centre of your rink when changing ends and walk smartly between ends.
  • Take care not to deliver a bowl when it may contact a delivery being made on an adjoining rink.
  • Take care with the return of any bowls in the even of a dead end so that adjoining rinks are not disturbed.
  • On change over place the relevant Skip’s bowl on the mat.
  • Seconds should agree on the score at each end and advise the skips.
  • Respect the green surface and protect it at all times.


  • Excuses for bad play should not be blamed on the condition of the green, wind or other weather conditions. These conditions are the same for all players.
  • Remember that almost without exception bowlers have good and bad days or Lady Luck seems to be on the other side. These factors will inevitably affect the game being played.
  • The player having a bad day may respond to encouragement rather than criticism.
  • Members should come firstly to play and enjoy themselves as well as the improve their ability to play the game.
  • Any criticism should be constructive and given in a friendly manner.


The following actions will improve the enjoyment and the understanding of any game or match:

  • Commend an opponent or one of your own team members for a good bowl.
  • Watch out for your Skip’s directions before stepping onto the mat.
  • Only advise the Skip when asked.
  • Anwer request from the Skip clearly and concisely.
  • If measuring, allow your opposition player the opportunity to check the result to confirm the decision.


Dress standards are designed to maintain uniformity and add a charm to the playing of the game of bowls. BBC has adopted a policy of smart casual i dress on all days. The exception is when you are representing the Club against other Bowling Clubs or you are playing in a competition event – in those circumstances the following dress code applies in general terms:

  • Long white/cream trousers or track pants with cream/white socks and smooth soled, heel-less shoes.
  • Club shorts of a approved design with a long or short cream/white socks and shoes as above.
  • Cream or white shirts with appropriate insignia.
  • Cream or white cardigans/pullovers or blue fleece vests.
  • Appropriate jackets.
  • Mufti dress require smart casual clothes and regulation shoes.

Further reading

It is suggested that interested bowler should obtain copies of appropriate manuals and instructional books relating to the law of bowls and technical requirements.

Suggested texts: Laws of the Sport of Bowls and Introduction to Bowls (BCIB Insurance Brokers).

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Barefoot Bowling is a fun day for for the entire family and friends learning to play bowls and bowling with a group.   Booking are available by phone on 02 9948 6377 The Greens, coach and bowls are supplied. Fully licensed bar with reasonably priced drinks can be make available.

Call us on 02 9948 6377.  Sessions are $15pp, as many games as you’d like to play.   We supply bowls and a coach all your need is flat shoes or play barefoot.

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Balgowlah bowling club is available for exclusive hire for a range of events. With the whole, tranquil premises at your disposal – your event is sure to be talked about fondly for years to come.

Our venue lends itself to a multitude of different uses; 21st Birthday Parties, Christenings, Christmas Parties, Wakes and other events.  Please contact us on 02 9948 6377 to discuss how we can cater and organise the perfect event with you.  The venue can be hired by itself or in conjunction with the bowling facilities, free parking available.

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Balgowlah Bowling Club encourages potential new members to take up a special membership offer, now only $75 for the first year. Users of this membership may play in smart casual while they evaluate whether they would like to move onto a full membership.

To use our Free Coaching between 2:00 – 4:00 each Friday, just arrive and introduce yourself.   We supply the bowls and coaching all you need are flat shoes or play Barefoot.

Any one who would like to play as a visitor, phone the club on 9948 6700 between 9:30 and 10:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Identify yourself as a visitor, your level of play, phone number and your name.  Cost is $15 /person/ day.

Full membership requires a uniform, some of which can be purchased through the club, other items are available through the bowls shop. Once a uniform is purchased, members can play Pennants Competitions for the club.

We have a Social Membership available to anyone who would like to enjoy the club but does not fancy bowling.

Download our application form here and pop it into the club to be processed on a Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday.

Bowling days are Tuesday, Thursdays & Saturdays, starting at 12:30. We have 3 greens, 2 are championship standard greens, the 3rd green is for fun bowls or Barefoot bowls.

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