Chairman’s Report.

Dear Fellow Members

What a great sound around the club last weekend, the clink of glasses, the happy chatter, [the squeal of the children !!] as your club opened its doors, at last, to the community.  It has been a long “lock-down” but we have come through, our heads above water, thanks to the incredible efforts of so many of us. We are having to work through the Government directives for the safe operation of the club, so please bear with us in the knowledge that the failure to comply with the set down protocols, will have dire consequences for your club.

Last week, also saw the resumption of organised bowling and a total of 56 members, taking advantage of some glorious winter weather, enjoying bowling once again, amongst the friendship and company of their mates.

The bowling club AGM is scheduled for Saturday 1st August 2020 and the nomination board and nomination slips are hanging on the wall as you enter the bar area from the auditorium.  Please consider putting your numerous talents forward, to the betterment of your fellow members, and nominate your selves for the committee. Just find a nominator and seconder, fill out the slip, hand it to me or any other committee member, and we will complete the process. We need “new blood” on the committee and, as all positions are vacant, please put up your hand and help run your wonderful club.

The response to the renewal of membership has been magnificent, with 55 renewals out of a possible 58, along with 5 new members coming through our wonderful coach, Bob Tuckerman’s Friday afternoon coaching school.

We are in the process of signing a couple of new sponsors, which will add around $6000 pa to our coffers, as well as a new set of scoreboards. Our major sponsors, Ray White RE, Seaforth and HP Constructions are now firmly in place, since the club reopened. More information regarding their commitment to our club, will be available shortly.

As you are aware we are endeavouring to become a cashless club and your Board is working on a new “Green Fee” payment scheme, awaiting finalisation of an advertiser for the back of the game card, before this goes to the printer.

Northern Beaches Council grants have been submitted to extend the air-conditioning into the bar area, and to put solar panels on the roof of the clubhouse.  With a little paintwork, and the installation of the new chiller cabinets behind the bar, this has all contributed to make the club more enjoyable for our members.

Once again, on behalf of your Board, Bowls Committee and Management Team, I wish to thank you all for your continued support and patience, which has carried your club through this very difficult time.  It is with a tremendous degree of excitement and positivity that I look forward to the second half of 2020, safe in the knowledge that the spirit engendered by you all, will see us through.

See you on the greens.

Peter Fishburn